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Pinky Rose Cosmetics Bright Lights Palette Review

Pinky Rose Cosmetics

  Have you had that one palette that you are just so obsessed with? well that has been the Pinky Rose Cosmetics Bright Lights Palette. They are a indie brand. It is everything I want in a fun bright palette, not sure if you know but colour is back. I am so glad that is, I was honestly getting so bored of makeup looks. Like it has been neutral palette one after the other. I found Pinky Rose Cosmetics on…

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Make Up/Beauty Perfume Reviews

Gucci Bloom Review

Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom has definitely become my signature scent. I knew from the very first time I got to smell it, it was going to be mine. Just to give your an idea of the type of scents I usually go for are Chanel’s fragrances- Allure, Coco etc. I usually don’t go for the scents that are as floral as Gucci Bloom. Gucci Bloom is falls under the floral fragrance family. To be honest classic floral can sound a little scary.…

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Colourpop Yes Please Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Colourpop Yes Please Palette

I am sure we all have heard by now of the Colourpop Yes Please Eyeshadow Palette. I was lucky enough to get my hands on it before it sold out. In a matter of about and hour, even the Colourpop girls said they were not expecting it to sell out so fast. When I first saw the name on the palettes. The Colourpop Yes Please Eyeshadow palette says ” CUTE AF” we soon found out that those weren’t the official…

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Fashion Wish List

Gucci Wishlist

I know we have all been seeing Gucci everywhere. To be honest I was not a huge Gucci fan, until they got a new creative director in 2015. Can we thank him for taking or let me rather say giving us a new and update to date Gucci. Since, I have kind of obsessed with Gucci. I thought why not share my Gucci wishlist with you all. My number one pick on my Gucci Wishlist – Would just be a┬áReversible…

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