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Gucci Bloom Review

Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom has definitely become my signature scent. I knew from the very first time I got to smell it, it was going to be mine. Just to give your an idea of the type of scents I usually go for are Chanel’s fragrances- Allure, Coco etc. I usually don’t go for the scents that are as floral as Gucci Bloom. Gucci Bloom is falls under the floral fragrance family. To be honest classic floral can sound a little scary.…

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Fashion Wish List

Gucci Wishlist

I know we have all been seeing Gucci everywhere. To be honest I was not a huge Gucci fan, until they got a new creative director in 2015. Can we thank him for taking or let me rather say giving us a new and update to date Gucci. Since, I have kind of obsessed with Gucci. I thought why not share my Gucci wishlist with you all. My number one pick on my Gucci Wishlist – Would just be a┬áReversible…

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