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BEAUTY by POPSUGAR is a pretty new brand to me. I Have seen them on Instagram like once or twice but, that is really it though. Until I tried some of their lip products a few month back. I am sure we have all heard of POPSUGAR (lifestyle media publisher) global media and technology company. POPSUGAR was founded in 2006 by husband and wife Brian and Lisa Sugar.

BEAUTY by POPSUGAR have varies of beauty products for  the face. Products such as tinted moisturizers, highlighters,blush and blotting products. For the eyes they have eyeshadow powders, mascara, eyeshadow liquids, brow product. For the lips they have liquid lips, liquid mattes, glossy lips, lip care.

What BEAUTY by POPSUGAR strive for is that their  products are beautifully formulated for smooth, easy application and buildable, long-lasting color. We use antioxidants, anti-pollution and omega rich blends to nourish, hydrate, and help improve overall skin health. We do it without the bad stuff—like parabens and sulfates which irritate skin — and with enough smarts to create beautiful, buildable color that nourishes skin and stays put.

Influenster sent me three of BEAUTY by POPSUGAR products to try out.  I have tried their matte lips as well a the glossy lips. So I was excited to receive items that I have not tried by BEAUTY by POPSUGAR.

The package contained the:

Thick n Thin Mascara: I love when mascaras come in this kind of packaging. A mascara that can take care of my top and bottom lashes is a winner in my eyes. The thin side of the mascara is definitely my favourite. Because for the longest time I have been wanting a bottom lash mascara. I like the formula on this mascara it’s not to wet, it is not waterproof. I don’t mind that since I am not a huge waterproof mascara girl. It separates my lashes, it’s not a volumizing mascara. But I do like that I can see that I am wearing mascara.

Apply the thinner brush first to prime your top and define your bottom lashes, then use the thicker brush on top lashes using a side-to-side motion to volumize and lengthen lashes.


The mascara contains no bad stuff which is nice to know. While reading the ingredients I saw that it contained Blueberry Extract and that it was loaded with pollution-blocking antioxidants. Don’t know why I found that so interesting. The Thick n Thin mascara retails for $25. Which is on the pricey side for mascaras in my opinion.

Be Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub: Lip scrubs are so needed if you are huge matte wearer, like myself. ‘Cause I just really dislike seeing dry pieces of skin once I have already applied a product that is already drying. Reset your lips to their natural state with a balm that removes leftovers while soothing and smoothing rough spots. The sugar is not that rough, so you definitely will aren’t going hurt your lips, while exfoliating your lips.  BEAUTY by POPSUGAR say it’s best to remove lipstick or unwanted skin with a tissue, gently run across your lips to clear ans restore your lips. What is nice is that you do not need to wipe off the product. Because the sugars dissolve, tastes yummy too 🙂 Also smells like a creamy strawberry popsicle.

Be Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub

I will say you do not get much product at all for the price which is $22. I would have been nice if it was like size of a Nivea or Carmex lip balm size. Like you are better off at making your own sugar lip scrub.

Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm SPF15: First off I have to say I love the packaging, it looks so pretty. I was sent the shade Blush Crush ( Sheer Pink) I am not a huge lip balm wearer. However I will say when you just out and a bout and you just want to pop on something, lip balms are great. Or if you spending a day at the pool or beach. This is great since it contains an SPF15. I think we sometimes also forget to protect our lips when we are doing regular things. Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm SPF15

There are 6 shades to select from in the lip balm range. They do feel moisturising on the lips and they last quiet a decent amount of time on the lips.

It is a very sheer lip balm however you are able to somewhat build up the colour if you wanted to. There is a scent to these (creme brulee) I do smell that but I also get that “old lady lipstick” smell which doesn’t make me a huge fan. When it is on the lips you don’t really smell it. These retail for $20

I found that their products are what I would consider them to be “natural” looking make up vibes. Nothing heavy and cakey. I do find that their products do run on their higher side of prices for what the product is. But I think it is because of the ingredients in the products.

You are able to purchase BEAUTY by POPSUGAR products from their website or Ulta online and in stores.




I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are 100% mine

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