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Gucci Bloom Review

Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom has definitely become my signature scent. I knew from the very first time I got to smell it, it was going to be mine.

Just to give your an idea of the type of scents I usually go for are Chanel’s fragrances- Allure, Coco etc. I usually don’t go for the scents that are as floral as Gucci Bloom.

Gucci Bloom is falls under the floral fragrance family. To be honest classic floral can sound a little scary. Especially of you are not into those type of scents, but I am here to tell you. That is scent is amazing!!!

The scent is presented in a lacquered bottle reminiscent of porcelain, in a vintage powder pink shade with a Gucci label appliqué.

Gucci Bloom

Key notes you will smell in Gucci Bloom are Rangoon Creeper, Jasmine Bud, Tuberose. When I first smelled this fragrance, The Jasmine Bud stood out to me.

  • Natural tuberose harvested from India
  • Jasmine bud extract, obtained through an exclusive method of co-extraction to impart a fresh green and petal scent on the skin
  • Rangoon Creeper, embodying the fragrance’s concept and name, the slightly powdery floral scent is captured as the flower blooms from white and gradually darkens to pink, then red

It’s like capturing the rich scent of a thriving garden filled with an abundance of flowers.

Gucci Bloom Review

Gucci Bloom is a pricier fragrance but, it is so worth it. I was going to pick up the 1.0 Oz (30ml) that retails for $72. But when I saw the size I was like “No, Ma’am”, not for $72. So I decided to pick up the 1.6 Oz (50ml) that retails for $94. The larger bottle retails for $124 for 3.4oz (100ml). You can find this scent at Sephora, Ulta and on the Gucci website.

Let me know what some of your favourite fragrances are.



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