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Gucci Wishlist

I know we have all been seeing Gucci everywhere. To be honest I was not a huge Gucci fan, until they got a new creative director in 2015. Can we thank him for taking or let me rather say giving us a new and update to date Gucci. Since, I have kind of obsessed with Gucci. I thought why not share my Gucci wishlist with you all.

My number one pick on my Gucci Wishlist –

Would just be a Reversible leather belt with double G buckle

Reversible leather belt with Double G buckle

A reversible leather belt in textured leather, finished with double G buckle.

  • Black leather reverses to brown leather

The hardware was inspired by an archival design from the 70s-a hallmark era of the House. The amount of ways I have seen this belt been styled, is honestly endless. I can only imagine how I would style it. Retails for $520 on the Gucci website.

Gucci Wishlist

Before you say anything…. I know these Gucci slippers are not everyone’s taste. But, I happen to think these Princetown velvet slippers are stunning. Especially in this fuschia colour and velvet look. These are lined with lamb fur, which I know you can get in faux fur now as well. So you can have your pick when it comes to what you want your Gucci slippers to be lined with.  These run small so it is recommend that you size a half a size up. They come in 4 different styles . These retail for $850

GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag

Everytime I see this GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag, I want to cry…. a bit extreme, but seriously it is such a simple bag. Yet so gorgeous at the same time. The colour and the simple style just makes me wish I could win the lotto right now. LOL  The GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag comes in different. I do also love the black one, so if I had the option before all the colours they had. It would boil down to this one and the black one. This is the small size, they do have a smaller one in this sort of style bag.  Retails for $1200.00

Dionysus leather top handle bag

When I first saw Beyonce with this bag, all I thought was a girl can dream right. I will say this yet again. The Dionysus leather top handle bag is not for everyone. The GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag is definitely your everyday kind of shoulder bag. This one a little more out there pow pow, look at what I have in my hand. Includes two interchangeable straps, a leather strap and a signature nylon web strap. One thing I love about this bag is the bamboo handle. Something I probably would have never looked at in a bag. I just love the combination of the black, red and green. Classic Gucci, but with a twist. This bag retails for $3500.00

What do you have on your Gucci wish list or just your wish list in general?


*Make sure when ordering from the Gucci website, that you order it in the correct size. Since, everything is in Italian sizing




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