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Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Review

Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue Review


Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue

Maybelline Great Lash is like the OG when it comes to drugstore mascaras. I remember trying the black one way back in the day. I feel like it is definitely and iconic for Maybelline. While doing my research for this blog post, I found that Maybelline discontined the Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue in 2014. With popular demand they have now bought it back.

I wish I was able to have tried the Great Lash Royal Blue before they discontinued it. Would have loved to see why they bought back this cult favourite. I would think that there aren’t that many blue mascaras at the drugstores.

I know blue mascara or any sort of colour mascara, can be a little intimidating to wear. But, I think it all has to do with how you apply it. If you apply it in the “correct” way, I think anyone can wear it.

However, my lashes did not have any luck with the Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue mascara. You could hardly see it on my top. I had to apply four to six coats for it to even show up on my bottom lashes. Which does seem excessive but I just wanted to see if it would eventually show up. I have seen that the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara Original, Cobalt Blue might be a little more pigmented with maybe only a few coats. Because, like I said four to six coats seem a bit excessive to me. I don’t mind doing that with a black mascara, because it is not like I want it to show up on my lashes. But with a blue mascara you do want to see it, immediately.

Another I noticed as I wore it throughout the day, it seemed to lose its opacity on my eyes. It looks great once you have applied your couple of coats. But, after a few hours the blue seems to wear off.

Also another tip I would suggest is, instead of wearing a dark eyeliner on your waterline. Apply a white eyeliner and than apply the mascara. I feel like you might have a little more luck with the blue showing on your lashes. Especially if you have dark lashes like myself.

You are able to find the Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue at Walmart in store and online. It retails for $4.44

Maybelline UnStoppablw Eyeliner in Onyx

The Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in “Onyx” Is a retactable black liner. It is not the blackest liner I have tried. I prefer my L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Smoldering 645 Black Wood Pencil Eyeliner. Its super black and lasts on my water line.

*Received these products complimentary from Maybelline for testing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

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