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Morphe Rose Gold Collection

Morphe Rose Gold Collection

Morphe Rose Gold Collection

Have you been wanting to add affordable yet some luxury to your make-up brush collection? Well now you can with the Morphe Rose Gold Collection. Morphe released a 31-piece collection includes a mix of synthetic and natural brushes complete with a Rose Gold ferrules and black handles. The Morphe Rose Gold Collection ranges from $3.99 – $22.99

Some of my favourite brushes to purchase are blending brushes. In my opinion you can never have enough blending brushes. Trust me you always find more ways to use your blending brushes.

I ordered 4 brushes off the Morphe best site and picked up 2 from The Makeup Artist Project store here in Houston. So happy we have that store here in Houston. It beats paying the shipping costs from Morphe, which I think are really expensive. I did purchase 2 of the same brushes LOL like I said you can never have enough blending brushes.

All the ones that I own are soft goat hair brushes none of them have the scratchy feeling on your eyes I think those are some of the worst brushes. The eye area is already such a sensitive area you don’t need scratchy brushes while you are blending.

Morphe R37

R37-Pointed Blender: Full, pointed blending brush for controlled application of colour. I use one to apply my transition colours or to pack on the colour. The other one I use purely for blending out the shadows. I purchased 2 of these brushes one from the Morphe website and one from  The Makeup Artist Project. They both say R37 on them but, the handles are a little different – one is a little thicker than the other, by just looking at it you can see one has a little more bristles. One is also a little longer that doesn’t bother me at all. I just thought I would make note of that since they both are a R37 brush. The shape of the bristles are pretty much the same. Goat Hair

Morphe R38

R38 – Round Blender: Slim blending brush with a rounded tip that is perfect for diffusing colour in the crease or how ever you would like to use it. It’s ideal for seamless crease work as well.

Morphe R39

R39 -Tapered Blender: Versatile blending brush with a pinched ferrule and tapered head. It can be used on its side or with just the tip to apply shadow to the lid, blend color in the crease or sweep out the outer third of the eye. This is such a great brush. I don’t have anything like in my little brush collection.

Morphe R41

R41 – Pencil Crease: A short, dense bullet-headed natural brush that’s perfect for packing color into the crease or outer “V”, and can also be used to buff out the lower lash line.

Morphe R43

R43 -Small Chisel Brush: A short dense brush that is perfect for smudging out eyeliner. It can also be used to press product into small areas.

Morphe Rose Gold Collection is such a beautiful brush line and I definitely want to add some more of the Rose Gold brushes to my collection.

Let me know what some of your favourite Morphe brushes are or just make-up brushes in general


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