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LUSH Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection


LUSH Valentine's Day 2017 Collection

I was really excited to see LUSH Valentine’s Day 2017 Collection. LUSH always releases such cute and fun holiday collections. I usually try to atleast pick up one or two things from the holiday collections…and the hoarder in me will hold on to them ’cause they are so cute.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb | $7.95 | Slip into the tub with a Rose Bombshell. And let your troubles float away like rose petals on the breeze. As its outer shell fizzes away, it releases a luxurious cascade of real yellow rose petals and mineral-rich sea salt. The intoxicating perfume of rose absolute, rose oil and Sicilian lemon oil.

Love You, Love You Lots Soap

Love You, Love You Lots Soap | $7,95 Nothing says “I love you” like roses. So we’ve packed this glorious soap with four different rose ingredients. Rose infusion, rose oil, rose syrup and fresh rose petals all infuse this sudser with the sweet, heady scent of the most romantic of flowers. Lavish your body with all that rosy goodness for soft, beautifully scented skin.

 Lovestruck Bubble Bar

Lovestruck Bubble Bar $8.65 This year, instead of sending strings of random emojis to your crush, you should invite them over to play with some bubbles. To set the scene, crumble up this familiar yellow face for a tub filled with cheery lemon and geranium-scented suds. Think they’ll take you up on your offer? Prayer hands, prayer hands, prayer hands.

Love Spell Massage Bar

Love Spell Massage Bar $8.95 Treat your beloved to a spellbinding evening with our gorgeous limited edition massage bar and let the magic happen. After a few swipes with our heart-studded pink bar, skin becomes slick with softening rose hip syrup and fair trade cocoa butter for a muscle-melting rubdown. The scent of spicy carnation and uplifting neroli will hang in the air.

 Ladybug Bubble Bar

Ladybug Bubble Bar $6.95 Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home and fill up the tub with fragrant foam! Let this friendly bug take you under its wing. Crumble it up under running water in the bath Then relax under a blanket of fluffy bubbles as geranium and peppermint oils create a fragrance that’s equal parts balancing and uplifting.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar $7.95 Sink into a magical soak filled with mystical essential oils, colorful pastel waters, rainbows and dreams. Lavender, ylang ylang and neroli create a unique and uplifting fragrance as mountains of shimmery bubbles leave you feeling as enchanting and dazzling as unicorns themselves.

Two Hearts Beating As One Luxury Bath Melt

Two Hearts Beating As One Luxury Bath Melt $10.95 Sink into the loving embrace of silky, hydrating waters. A beautiful union of ylang ylang and rose oils mesmerize your senses as the two halves of this luxurious heart dance dizzyingly around the tub. While all eyes are on the coral and magenta magic unfurling in the water, a blend of creamy fair trade organic cocoa butter and almond oil bestow your body with a conditioning caress.

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb $10.95 However your Valentine’s Day pans out, you can rely on this amorous organic cocoa butter embrace to melt your heart and soften your skin. As vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil sweet nothings are whispered into your bathwater, fair trade cocoa butter hearts. It’s true love!

The Kiss Lip Scrub      The Kiss Lip Scrub

The Kiss Lip Scrub $9.95 Buff your lips to pouting perfection with our limited edition Valentine’s Day lip scrub! Deliciously sweet and perfectly pink, this sugary scrub is topped off with a touch of sea salt and creamy fair trade organic cocoa butter. It will polish your lips and leave them soft, smooth and ready for some serious smooching. Go ahead: kiss and tell!Prince Charming Shower Cream

Prince Charming Shower Cream $9.95 -$34.95 Get cozy with our limited edition Valentine’s Day shower cream! Just like its namesake, this pretty pink sudser has everything you’ve been dreaming of: an intoxicating fruity perfume, skin-softening oils and a gentle touch. Get in a lather and luxuriate in the indulgent blend of fresh pomegranate juice, sweet vanilla pod infusion and fair trade organic cocoa butter. You’ll emerge with royally soft, beautifully moisturized skin— it’s almost too good to be true!

                                                  The Kiss Lip Gloss     

The Kiss Lip Gloss $9.95 | The Kiss has it all! This limited edition gloss is vegan, self-preserving and leaves behind a pretty pink color and loads of shine. Its whipped buttery base of shea butter and coconut oil softens and hydrates lips. And almond and tangerine oils leave a lip-smacking flavor behind. We’ve topped this gloss off with a dash of guarana seed powder to make your lips feel plump, soft.

Cupid Bath Bomb

Cupid Bath Bomb $9.95 Take aim and let the amorous arrows fly! Full of powdered rose petals, fresh raspberry juice and uplifting bergamot oil, a bath with Cupid is just what you need to ease your nerves before a hot date: no one will be able to resist you when you smell of sweet, summery raspberries.

Over And Over Bath Bomb

Over And Over Bath Bomb $8.95 Launch this one into your bath to fall head over heels with its vivid, swirling ways. This energizing bomb with a creamy cocoa butter coating rocks and rolls around the tub Leaving behind a vibrant trail of pink, orange and gold colored streams. Lime and fennel wake up your senses, making this the perfect beginning to a big night out.

Happy Valentine's Day Wrapped Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day Wrapped Gift  $46.95 Favorite restaurant already all booked up for February 14? Don’t sweat it: grab this gift and plan a romantic night in instead! Whether you and your sweetie indulge in a beautiful bath or opt to share a sensual shower, you’ve got what you need to have a fun and fragrant night at home. *Currently sold out online but you check to see if they have this set available at your local LUSH*

Love And Kisses Wrapped Gift

Love And Kisses Wrapped Gift  $36.95 Who’s the apple of your eye? Whoever they are, they’ll be swept off their feet with this gorgeous gift. Inside the dreamy rose wrapping paper, they’ll find four treats that are perfect for creating romantic moments. Get skin silky-soft with Prince Charming Shower Cream’s sweet sweet vanilla-pomegranate lathers and Love You, Love You Lots Soap’s rose-lemon embrace. Scrub lips smooth with The Kiss Lip Scrub, then settle in for a sensual massage with Love Spell Massage Bar’s intoxicating rose perfume. The rest is up to you. *Currently sold out online but you check to see if they have this set available at your local LUSH*

In Your Dreams Wrapped Gift

In Your Dreams Wrapped Gift  $24.95 Make your bathing dreams a reality with three of our exclusive Valentine’s Day goodies, crafted with dreamy pastel colors and fantastic floral essential oils: Cupid will fizz away in a cloudburst of raspberry and bergamot, while Unicorn Horn will fill your tub with tons of lavender and neroli-scented bubbles. After drying off, scrub your lips with The Kiss to ensure that you’re perfectly soft and smooth from head to toe. *Currently sold out online but you check to see if they have this set available at your local LUSH*

I would suggest calling or going to your local LUSH,  to see if they have the ones that are sold out online in store

What are some goodies you have your eye one? P.S You don’t need to have a Valentine to enjoy Valentine’s Day 🙂



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