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Morphe Brushes – M105, M330, M422 & G24

Morphe Brushes - M105, M330, M422 & G24

Morphe Brushes - M103, M330, M422 & G24

I recently added more Morphe Brushes – M105, M330, M422 & G24 to my brushes collection. They are inexpensive you can’t help but add more brushes to your collection and it doesn’t hurt that I have had no issues with them.The Make-Up Artist Project here in Houston  stocks Morphe Brushes, did not have a lot of the ‘popular’ brushes available.

Morphe M105 Tapered Blush Brush

M105 Tapered Blush Brush: This sable makeup brush with nice black wood handle can also be used to soften makeup, apply loose or pressed powder, blush on face, shoulders and neck. This brush is particularly good for blush/powder application.this essential brush marvelously buffs out shadows using small, gentle circular motions. Soft tip is extra smooth for fine makeup powders. It was time I replaced my blush brush and I couldn’t be happier with this blush brush. It does not pick up a whole lot of products, so luckily for me I won’t end up looking like I have happens on my cheeks.

Morphe M330 Blending Crease Brush

M330 Blending Crease Brush: This rounded fluff brush seamlessly blends out your transition shade in the crease. The shape is perfect for buffing out shadows in circular motions. I, have had this brush on my wish list of Morphe Brushes for a while now.

Morphe M422 Crescent Shadow Brush

M422 Crescent Shadow Brush: This light-weight brush glides over the eyelid smoothly, enabling full creative control. The density of this brush is perfect for creating a multitude of eye-shadow finishes that will ensure a dramatic impact. Such a nice brush to pack eye-shadows on your lid, it fits my lid perfectly. $3.99

Morphe G24 Blending Fluff Brush

G24 Blending Fluff Brush: This brush is from the gun metals collections (only one I own from that collection). This brush will delight you with it’s ultra fluffy and plush bristles that go to work for a flawless eye look. I must say this specific brush, is my least favourite one that I purchased. $7.99

What are some of your favourite brushes from Morphe? Or do you just not like them? let me know



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