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Morphe Brushes E32, M174, E24

Morphe Brushes E32, M174, E24

I recently went to The Make-Up Artist Project here in Houston since they sell Morphe Brushes and other Morphe products.

I was a little disappointed that most of the brushes I went in looking for were sold out 🙁 I did however pick up 3 Morphe Brushes E32, M174, E24

Morphe Brushes E32, M174, E24

These a probably not brushes I had on my ‘brushes I need list’ However, I am glad that I did pick them up.

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Morphe E32 – Oval Concealer Brush: Blur your imperfections with our flat and rounded concealer brush. Ideal for blurring your blemishes or concealing dark circles. I actually don’t use it for that. I prefer using it to highlight my brow bone. If you wanted you could also pack on your eyeshadow with this brush, or if you wanted to apply glitter to your lid.$6.99


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Morphe E24 – Bullet Crease Brush: This one is my favourite out of the three brushes that I purchased. I use this brush for two things, and that is when I am applying shadow in a V- shape. I find that it applies it perfectly and secondly I use it to blend out the shadow on my lower lash line. The bristles on this brush are synthetic.  $6.99 Morphe M174

Morphe M174 -Badger Oval Shadow Brush: A versatile brush that will help you to perfect your eye looks. Rounded so it fits perfectly on the lid. I have thoroughly enjoyed this brush. Definitely my second favourite. At first, I thought that this brush might be to large for my lid. Since I don’t have a large eye lid area. The bristles on this brush are sable hair. $6.99

I own 6 Morphe brushes and I will continue to purchase more of their makeup brushes. I have never experienced any shedding with the ones that I own.

For brushes that I never had my eye on. I have used these 3 every time I have applied my eye-make up.

I say atleast try to order one brush and see how it goes from there for you.

Goodl brushes that are really in-expensive.

What are some of your favourite brushes from Morphe?




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