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theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou-Manizer

I might be the last person on the planet to purchase this cult favourite. I guess the highlight hoarder in me just needed theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou-Manizer

theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou-Manizer

Mary-Lou-Manizer has been a favourite amongst a lot of people I think it was only right that I find out what all the hype was about. I sure can see why it is favourite with ladies.

theBalm has 2 highlighters, Cindy-Lou-Manizer, Mary-Lou-Manizer. They can be used as highlighters, shadows and a shimmer. They also have Betty-Lou-Manizer which is said to be bronzer and shadow and shimmer. I love the cheeky names and cute illustrations.


The powder is very silky and so easy to blend and It is highly pigmented. The on theBalm website they say that it is a “subtle glow” let me just say this highlighter is not subtle is definitely packs a punch. The shimmer particles in the formula are small and fine but densely packed which gives it the high smooth shine without any obvious shimmer/glitter. You can achieve a pow pow hightlight or a subtle glow. I also say it all depends on the type of brush you use. Typically I use a fan brush, and it picks up alot of product. So you will have to find a brush that works for you.

Mary-Lou Manizer is a golden champagne highlighter – its neither too cool nor too warm and adds a beautiful glow to the skin. Most of my highlighters look gold in the pan or champagne This one however is  lightest when looking at it. It is however the highlighter that packs the most punch in my collection. I have seen loads of skin tones pull off this highlighter. So don’t let the “whiteness” of it scare you if you are of a darker skin tone.

I think this is a good highlight to get if you are just starting out your collection or if you have a huge collection and highlighters are your thing.

You can purchase these online , Kohls (I have seen them in stores and not online as of late. Some times as them on sale.

These highlighters retail for $24.00. Which is pretty good, since some highlighters retail for $38+

Which one of the hightlight Sisters are your favourite?


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