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A Little MAC Lipstick Haul

I have lately just been heading over to my MAC counter. I do not know when last I was in a drugstore or Ulta let alone Sephora.

And this is actually the time of year to be in all those places, with all the great gift sets they have for the upcoming holidays.

I have picked up two MAC lipsticks, that I can say I have been obsessed with since, I laid my eyes on them. It was love at first lets just say that 🙂


MAC Smoked Purple (Matte) – Deep egg-plant purple as it is described on the MAC website. It is an amazing colour if you are into a dark lip. It is a little more drying, but not like Ruby Woo. It applies well, no dragging involved. $16.00

A dupe for this lipstick is Wet N Wild 919 B.  A lipliner that the MAC artist suggested was Nightmoth. Dupes for Nightmoth are Revlon Colourstay lip liner in “Vixen” or NYX lip liner in “Prune” I mention lip liner, because we all know that darker lipsticks can be a little patchy at times. So a lip liner just helps with that.

* Part of their permanent lipsticks collection


MAC Styled in Sepia (Matte) Limited Edition {Part of the matte lipsticks  collection that came out} Dirty cement beige as described on the MAC website. I love it so much ’cause It is a muted, medium-dark brown with a hint of grey. That hint of grey just makes it so much more amazing.The consistency is smooth and creamy so it applies beautifully, especially for being a matte. $16.00 (You can still find this on the MAC website) That is where I found it, since my two MAC counters were sold out.

 I asked a MAC artist if there was a dupe for Styled in Sepia, but sad to say there isn’t a dupe in the M.A.C collection.  NYX Maison is a very close dupe for M.A.C Styled in Sepia as well as Colourpop Pillowtalk and Melt Laced


Pictures below are of the lipsticks on my lips.

Smoked Purple

What are some of your fav lipsticks from MAC?


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