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Benefit Goodies & My Thoughts

I was sent these some goodies from Benefit as I was chosen by Benefit & Birchbox to be a host for a Beauty Bash a few ago.

When I received the box, I was not expecting to be getting full size products.

And here is a little shocker, these were my first ever Benefit products. So I was really thankful 🙂



They sent items I have been wanting to try for the longest time

So let us get onto my thoughts on each item shall we:

-Benefit Hoola Bronzer: I know every beauty lover probably has this bronzer in their stash, and was/is a favourite of theirs. And I can tell why everyone goes gaga over this bronzer. When I first looked at it and swatched it, I thought to myself  ‘this is not going to do anything for me’. But let me tell you, once it hits your face, its does something magical 🙂 I love this stuff and I have not used any thing other than this bronzer, I use it to contour. It does not look muddy, orange or streaking on me at all. Which a lot of bronzers that I have tried end up looking on me. This is probably my favourite thing from what I received.

Retails for :$28.00 here


-Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner– From what I have seen is that this liner has been getting mixed thoughts. Some love it and other’s are finding the hardest time to love it. But I did not let those thoughts affect my thoughts as I want to give you guys my honest opinion on beauty products.

First off I am not a pro at putting on winged liner. I only started wearing winged liner earlier this year, and I started out with a felt tip liner. Which I had a hard time with when I first started applying it. But it is safe to say that I finally have the hang of it= now not both my wings are always even, but I make it work

So when I tried the They’re Real Push Up Liner  did not know what to expect. This is a gel liner, and it is said that gel liner is easier for beginners.The liner comes in a pen form with a rubber, slanted applicator (see in image below) You have to twist the pen to get the product. Be careful when doing that as you can twist out too much product. I say less is more in this case, because you can always add more, if you need to. When I first applied it I twisted out way too much product and when I applied it, it was just a mess. As you line your eyes, this product can tend to make these little flaky pieces. Which can be annoying, hence I said try to not twist it to much.

I have had to play around with this liner for a little bit to feel like I can use it. Because of the rubber applicator and the fact that it is a gel. I did feel like it is not the best for my eyes, since I do not have the smoothest top lid and the applicator can pull a little on my lids. I think if the gel was a little smoother, it would be perfect. I do however really like the liner once you play around with it more.

What is awesome of this liner is that it does not budge, if you apply it ,it is staying with you until you decide to remove it. Benefit, does have a special remover which you have to purchase separately. I use coconut oil to remove it. The pay off is great as well and those are some things a lot of people look for when they look for a liner.

What are your thoughts on the They’re Real Push Up Liner?

Retails for -24.00 here  And the remover retails for $18.00 here

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– Benefit They’re Real Mascara: I have been wanting to try this mascara for the longest time. Since I have only heard good things about this mascara. It is a great mascara:)

I love the brush, it coats all my lashes,I love the formula, it does not get all clumpy, it separates my lashes and it does not flake. Only thing is that my lashes are not like pop pop wow wow with length. So i doubt anyone will ask me if ‘they’re real’ lol

It is a good mascara, just not one I think I will purchase if I run out of this one.

Retails for $ 23.00

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Below are some images with the Push Up Liner and Mascara

Just the Benefit They're Real Mascara



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