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My Favourite Fall Lipsticks 2014

I have been really uninspired to blog lately. I just think I am going through a stage, where I don’t want to force myself to blog when I don’t want to.

But yesterday I told myself ‘why don’t you take the pictures for your blog’ and that is what I did 🙂 Pat on the shoulder goes to Stephanie hahahaha

So that was just a little update on what is happening on the stephndstuff front.

Let us get onto the post shall we

It is that time of year where some of us put away the bright lipsticks and bring out the dark and vampy lipsticks.

I am not one of those people though- rules are meant to be broken right??!! I love wearing brights in Winter and dark colours in the Summer time.

But as you can tell by the pictures I snuck in one bright summer lipstick




Rimmel 107 (Matte) : I love this lip colour, it is a lip colour that will work on a lot of skin tones. It is a matte, which you all know I am a sucker for a matte lipstick. And what is great about it, is that it is not a drying matte.

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb : When I first got this lipstick I was not to happy with it, but I have since fallen in love with it. I think it really scared me. If you look at it in the tube, it can be quite intimidating. But once you the right makeup look, this lipstick colour is amazing. Only thing I wish I had were whiter teeth.

Wet n Wild – Urban Night (Limited Edition Matte) : This colour looks really similar to Cherry Bomb, but they are very different. First thing I must say that these lipsticks are by no means matte to me, so when I first tried it, I was a little disappointed. Since these we marked as a matte lipstick, they are more of a creamy/shiny formula. None the less, I think the colour is beautiful.

M.A.C Rebel – This might be my ultimate favourite from all of these lipsticks. I have been wanting to add this lipstick to my growing collection of lipsticks for the longest time now. Rebel is that lipstick, that looks good on everyone, and looks different on everyone that wears it. You can sheer it on and you can intensify the colour.

Lastly, the only bright that made it in my Fall Favourites 🙂

Maybelline Faint for Fuchsia (675 Matte) : I fell in love with colour – I am a afraid of pink lips, only reason why that is,is because I do not have the whitest of teeth. So some pink lipsticks can make my teeth look like fresh corn nibbles LOL :). But this one did not do that so that is a yayyyyy in my book. It is a matte, but not a drying matte at all.



What are some of your favourite Fall lipsticks?




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