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Hi Lovelies ♥

Hope you all are doing awesome 🙂

I have been blogging for a few months so I thought I would I would share some blogging tips/advice You can take it as a tip or as advice. I know there are plenty of posts on this topic, but I thought why not share some stuff I have learned whilst blogging.


First off I have to say that my blog is not exactly where and how I want it to look. And I will share with you why I say that.

I want to remain with WordPress, but I do want to go from to And with me wanting to make the switch I would have to find a hosting company such as HostGator or Bluehost and see if they have my domain name available.

See which one would work out better me, as you do have to pay money for these websites to host your blog.

And the other thing I am not looking forward to is when I get all that sorted. I will have to switch everything I have done over here to over there. And guys lets just say I have noooo idea how that is even done.

But when all that is done I can buy the template that I find suits me and all that pretty stuff.

This was just me taking you into my blogging dream…i guess 🙂


1. Know what you want to talk about on your blog.

I think that it is important you find something you love talking about, but I also feel like if you start blogging do if  for yourself that and not for others, if that makes any sense. If you like talking about the moon and passionate about it, you will draw readers who have a similar interest. These days everyone and their Momma have a blog.

2.Find a schedule that works for you

Blogging is one of the hardest things and with that I mean, It can be very time-consuming. Especially if you have a baby, a job So it is best to set up a schedule for yourself . When I first started blogging I was blogging everyday and with that I was stressing myself out with topics to blog about. I decided that it was not working out so I did it every other day, and that was also not working out. So know I blog when I can which I am still not comfortable with, but I do what I can when I have time.

3. Do NOT expect to wake up with a thousand followers the next morning.

There are so many blogs out here these days that it can be hard to get followers, but like I said blog for yourself and not to gain followers, you will gain followers as time goes by. Yes, it can be discouraging at times when you do not gain followers. But just keep on blogging and if you need time away from your blog you can do that.

Sign up to bloglovin that is a great way to follow blogs from all over the place and for other bloggers to find you.

4. Picture Quality & Content

 It is nice when one’s blog has really great photo’s. With that I do not mean go out and buy the most expensive DSLR camera, but just make sure your photo’s a clear (where you can see the product)  I used a camera before, but found that my iPhone takes better pictures Also try to set up a little scene when taking your pictures.

5. It is ok to ask for help or if you have any questions. Build a relationships with fellow bloggers.

When I had questions I actually found a S.African blogger Pink Peonies who was really helpful when I had question about blog related stuff. She was extremely helpful and I think we as bloggers should also share that helpful bone. As I have  found some bloggers seem like they are hesitant  to help when you have questions, regarding blogging.

6. I can’t stress this enough on this one, but do not go around begging companies to send you free stuff.

Do not start blogging because you want companies and brands to send you freebies and not bombard their emails with you begging them too send you free stuff. If companies/brands like what you have to say. Or they see if you have thousands of followers they might just send you free goodies. But do not start blogging just to get freebies. Just to put it out there some companies do not always look at the amount of followers you have. So just keep that in mind

7. Social Media

Set up various social networks under the same name as your blog. Even if you do not use them, just so that you have them in case you ever start using them. It also helps so that someone else does not decided to take the same name as you.

8. Ask your fellow bloggers or followers for ideas or ask them if they want to be a guest blogger

If you ever run out of ideas ask your fellows bloggers what they would like to read on your blog or anything they would like to see. You can also asks fellow bloggers if they would like to be guests on your blog.

9. Your blog can be an income

Blogging can become a full-time job for you where you can get paid from various sources. I have not taken that route, I might to do that in the future we shall see.

You can look into sources such as:

Google AdSense provides a free, flexible way to earn money from your websites, mobile sites, and site search results with relevant and engaging ads.

I think this should be your first stop if you are trying to make some cash, it can be slow but do not let it deter you.

Affiliate Programs – An affiliate program is a great way to make money on the Web. You write on  content that you wold  typically write on  and then link to the products that you talked about. When one of your customers or readers clicks on the link and buys the product, you get a small commission of the sale. Such you have a banner on Sigma and one of your readers click on the ad that you have on your post that is one way you could get money.

10. Keep your post simplistic 

I should take my own advice on this one,  try to keep your posts short and sweet and to the point. But I know sometimes you just have so much to say that you can go on and on and that is ok. You will not always please everyone, but as long as your post pleases you than go for it.

11. Do not compare yourself 

I know it can be hard, but you are your own person, be your own blog. Your time will come where you will have the layout, or amount of subscribers your heart desires.

I hope my little tips/advice was or can be helpful to you


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