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Essie Spa Manicure – Many Many Mani Intensive Hand Lotion

Hi Lovelies ♥

Hope you all are doing well.

I have been missing for a little bit. I am just getting over a cold well really my whole little family is. My husband got sick, then our son and I was the last man standing, until it hit me and I was down. But I am better now, just wish my ears to pop open and my sense of smell and taste could return already.

Other than that I am all good 🙂

When I saw this product at Target I kind of got a little excited. I am not sure why, maybe it is ’cause this Essie Spa Manicure hand lotion is sold exclusively at Target stores.


On the display I saw :

Essie Spa Manicure: Many Many Mani Hand Lotion

Essie Spa Pedicure: So Sole Good Exfoliating Foot Scrub

Essie Spa Pedicure : In the Clouds Leg and Foot Creme

I decided to pick up the manicure one, just to give it a try.

I really did not know what to expect from the product. In my mind it was just a hand lotion. And we all know there are plenty of those out there. But what I guess makes them different is that we all have different skin types, so with that being said all products do not always work the same for others as it would work for you.

I used this lotion during a time where my hand were extremely dry and that was because I continuously wash my hands and I using bleach ( I know, I know) it is not good to use bleach without gloves. So yes my hands and nails needed some extra TLC. And this hand lotion gave me  just that.

It is in my opinion a lovely hand lotion to have on hand. It is light weight and I love that. It also smells really, really lovely. It is not a florally sent. It really smells like a spa which gives it that luxurious feel to it.

Side Note: The smell reminds me of when I worked at a hotel and the spa smelled like this Essie Spa hand lotion.

The product contains:

A nourishing blend of coriander oil and glycerin



The product is inexpensive

It’s not a  heavy or greasy product (I really dislike when my hands feel really greasy)

It smells great – it is not an offensive smell

You can just throw it in your purse and it wont add a ton to your already heavy bag

It provides great moisture to your hands


I did find that I have to reapply it often (if you find that as a con, but it did not bother me at all in doing that)

Final Thought:

I definitely would repurchase this product. Not sure if it will only be on the shelves for a little while or it is part of Essie’s permanent line.


Have you tried this item?

What are some of your favourite hand lotions?


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