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Like I mentioned in my Simple- face care starter kit blog post. I am all about buying more skin care products and paying more attention to my skin this year.

I have been hearing a lot about Origins skin care products and I wanted to try a product from theirs for some time now. I think the product I really, really want to try from Origins is the GinZing- Energy Boosting moisturizer. So that is definitely on my oh so long list of beauty items to get. Hahahaha. And don’t read this and say your list is not long……ok 🙂 cause we all know that’s a lie!

Well back to the product I did pick up the Origins – Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask to clear pores. And this was not a product I planned on purchasing.  What happened was hahahah……I was in Sephora in line getting read to pay for the item I did plan on purchasing. And if you have been in Sephora you know about those products they have strategically placed (wink wink) before we checkout. Knowing that some of us ( I am not pointing any fingers)  are suckers for those items at the checkout line. And you know they do the same with sweets when you check-out at the grocery store.

Well I picked the Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask, not knowing anything about it, but when I saw charcoal and pores…I was sold.

-Some FYI – Activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years, dating as far back as 1550 BC.
Activated charcoal powder is an amazing substance and there are many benefits of activated charcoal It adsorbs more poisons than any other substance known to mankind.
Are also able to purchase activated charcoal powder online.


What Origins say :

When environmental toxins, dirt and debris get under your skin, its waste-filtering system gets jammed, pores get clogged, skin looks cloudy. Nature’s complexion clean-up crew gets to the bottom of skins overcast condition and clears the way for it to act its best. Activated Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, White China Clay absorbs environmental toxins, Lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that “stuff” down there, skin “breathes a sigh of relief.”

HOW TO USE: Once a week or as often as needed, open pores with warm, moist towel and layer mask on. Allow to dry, rinse well. Watch your skin shake off the shroud of dullness and take on a new clarity.

*On the Origins website this product is one of the top 1o best seller products. So that does say a lot about it.

The one I picked up retails for $16.00 for the 1.7fl.oz/50ml which is half the size of the bigger one which retails for $24.00 for 3.4 fl.oz/100ml

♥I love Origins Mission♥

Our Mission

Our mission at Origins is to create high- performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. We use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. And our long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it is reaffirmed by our earth and animal friendly practices.++9

What I have to say:

I have been using this product for about a month  now (I apply it twice a week) and to be honest I was not noticing a huge difference in my skin/pores at first. But as of late I have noticed that my black heads on my nose are way less visible than what they were about a month ago. And if a product can do that – I am all for it, because the blackheads on my nose are stubborn little fellas. I have also noticed that my skin is not has dry 🙂

There is a slight smell to this mask but its not anything that’s obnoxious.

I do like the size of this as I have used it a couple of times in this month, that I have had this and I still have a lot left in the tube. So I can only imagine how long the big size will last you. Maybe it has to do with how many times you use it and how much of it you apply too your face.


The products applies well, it takes about 15 minutes to completely dry -it will feel like you face is cracking hahahah


and a couple of minutes later….notice the product is on different place- its cause my Mommy duties called lol


For a product I did not have high hopes for -I sure am very happy with this product♥

Have any of you tried it? what are your thoughts on it?



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