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Hi Lovelies ♥

Hope you all are doing great! I am so happy the sun is out here in Houston today. Its been so gloomy

Went to Ulta last night with the intention just to up the Real Techniques Miracle complexion Sponge , but they were sold out yet again. Guys I really do not like ordering stuff online. I am a little weird like that, I only order if I know its something I will not be able to pick up in the stores.

Anyways they did not have the sponge so like you know if you are in Ulta, there is always something else you need right??? that’s how they suck us in lol. + I had a $3.50 coupon so that did not help

So I was walking around in Ulta and I ended  buying a nail polish from the new Essie collection (Resort 2014) the collection has 4 pretty colours- I decided to pick up ‘Cocktails & Coconuts’ – $8.50  it is a neutral colour with tiny specks of sparkles. But not anything major happening with the sparkles.


♥ You have to put on about 2 to 3 coats of this nails polish as it is a little sheer with just one coat.

♥It does not look streaking with 2 or 3 coats.

 I picked up something I have also wanted for a while now and it was the Essie -Matte About You: Matte Finisher. – $10.00


 ♥ Its a clear/milky kind of nailpolish – if I can describe it like that

♥ it dries matte within a few seconds

♥its applies well

I have a thing about Matte lipsticks and balms as well as nail polishes.

A couple of years ago- I was not feeling the matte finish. Because I had picked up a LA Girl Matte nail polish at a drugstore/pharmacy store called DisChem in South Africa. And when I applied it I was like ‘uuum why is this not shining, so guess what I applied a top coat hahahahaha. But now I am all about the matte life 🙂


Hopefully you guys can see the matte effect. If not when I change up my nail polish again (it will have to be a darker colour so you guys can see it)

Loving this matte look though!!!

unnamed (6)

Excuse my nails they have been going through something. They are so weak and brittle -I need to wear my gloves when I do the dishes.


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