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Yup January was just here and now we wave her good-bye again!!!

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This year I have decided that I will be taking better care of my skin. I don’t have anything major going on with my skin, with that I mean acne or scars. I just want to take better care of my skin as I am getting older – those not so wanted lines on your face start appearing lol . I am not entirely sure if this product is aimed at those kind of problems. But there are products out on the beauty market that aim at those wrinkles…girl

I do have normal to dry skin- So I don’t do a whole lot to my face- since I don’t want to strip it from the only oils that my face does produce – and by me saying that, I mean when it come to cleansing my skin. I have not done a whole lot of research on products that are aimed at dry skin. But there are products out their for sure.

For a while now I have wanted to try products from the Simple skin care line, which are sold in  drugstores. I finally picked up the ‘Face Care Starter Kit’ It looked like the perfect way to try out the product before actually purchasing the full size items.


A little about Simple Skin Care

Their Story:

The Simple brand was born in the UK in 1960 and was the first to create a cleansing product with no perfume and no color. This unique positioning was designed to care for sensitive skin. Today, Simple is the UK’s #1 skincare range — made with no dyes, perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset your skin. Simple made it’s debut in the US in 2012 with products suitable for all skin types — especially sensitive skin — with skin loving ingredients and added vitamins for natural, healthy-looking skin.

Their Philosophy:

Simple says… never use dyes, artificial perfumes that can upset your skin 

 Simple sayssettle for only our purest possible ingredients 

 Simple saystrust the goodness in all of our products especially for sensitive skin 

 Simple saysnatural beauty comes from goodness…we believe in goodness

I am all for it when a product uses ingredients that don’t irritate your skin or that harsh on your skin. So, I am pretty excited to try out these products. On the box it does say – NO DYES, NO ARTIFICIAL PERFUMES, NO HARSH IRRITANTS

What the Face Care Starter Kit Contains:

1. Moisturizing Facial Wash 1.7 fl oz /50ml


What they say : Leaves your skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturized.

Contains Pro- Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E

Soap- free and non-drying

2. Cleansing Facial Wipes – 7 Wipes


What they say: Refreshes your skin with moisture and also removes waterproof mascara

Contains Pro- Vitamin B5

Ophthalmologist tested and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

No alcohol, oil-free, non-drying and no greasy residue

3. Replenishing Rich Moisturizer 1.9 fl oz/ 56ml


What they Say: Keeps your skin replenished and moisturized all day

Contains Pro- Vitamin B5

Contains 3 skin-loving ingredients – Glycerin, Bisabolol and Allantoin

—-The 3 piece starter kit cost – $4.99 which is pretty affordable so hopefully it works— I am not expecting miracles, I would love to see if it agrees with my skin

I am  excited to try this and do a blog post on the following. I usually do ‘Tried ND Tested Tuesday on my blog so keep on the look out for that.

Have any of you guys tried it? let me know how you liked it.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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