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Lorac Pro Palette & Swatches

Hi lovelies ‚ô•

How are you all doing? I was a little under the weather, but I am feeling so much better now.

As you guys can see I will be talking about the Lorac Pro Palette and what a story I have that goes with getting my hands on this amazing palette. And if you do not know about this palette, please climb out from under the rock you have been living under ūüôā


I have been wanting this palette forever РI did want it as a Christmas present, but every- time I took a trip to Ulta it was sold out. From what I was told this palette has been out of stock since the beginning of December.

¬†I than thought hopefully they will have it by my Birthday which was 14th Jan, and nope they still were out of stock. I¬†did ask one of the sales¬†lady’s ( I think she said she was a vendor though)¬†if she knew when they would be getting it back in stock…. and she said¬†‘well I have heard that they might not even be re-stocking the palette’. When she said that guys my heart literally fell to the ground. So I was a little bummed out by this devastating¬†news I had just heard ūüôā

I was than contemplating getting the Lorac Unzipped palette, I still was not sure about it-even though it is also a very pretty palette. My heart was set on getting the Lorac Pro Palette.

A couple of days after my Birthday I was called Sephora asking if they had it and the sales lady told me….’no cause they just had a sale on there Lorac products’. So I was like geez there has got to be a place where I can get this palette.

I decided to check out Amazon……and I was able to find it on there…. But wait for this kicker guys. That same day I placed my order for the palette. I went to Ulta again and guess what………yes they had the Lorac Pro Palette just sitting there looking at me and saying hahahahaha we are finally in stock sucker.

To be honest I was a little upset, but then I had to remind myself that I finally was able to¬†find and order it¬†and I was lucky enough not be pay for shipping. Who doesn’t LOVE free shipping—–it took about a week to arrive though

Enough about my story – lets talk about this lovely palette.



The packaging is simple black with the LORAC PRO in silver writing

One thing I don’t like is I can already tell that the packaging ¬†is going to get really dirty- its that kind of material!!

Its a great palette to travel with since it not bulky

If you are a girl like me who loves her neutrals, this palette is for you!!

The palette comes with 16 high pigmented eye-shadows

The palette has 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades.

The colours are also named on the palette, so that’s pretty neat.


It also comes with a travel size LORAC -behind the scenes eye primer


This palette retails for $42.00 on various sites. If you look on e-bay you can pay up to $60.00 for this palette. I don’t think I would go to such extremes though. I will stick to the price it retails for.

You can purchase this palette on and you can check out to see if they have it in stock.

While I was swatching the shadows I could not believe how buttery they were!! It was really amazing, you can tell the shadows are really good quality.

Swatches : The top swatches are the matte shades and the bottom swatches are the shimmer shades

Swatches 4

¬†My final conclusion on this palette is——–> YES!!!! go order it right NOW!!!!! LOL

I promise you will not be disappointed if this is the last palette you ever get.

PS…….I did say that I will not want another palette for awhile now that I have the LORAC PRO.

I did want the NAKED 3 palette, but I would just be buying it to buy it. I love my NAKED and I don’t need 2 or 3


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