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Maybelline – Master Hi-Light

Hi lovelies ♥

Happy Saturday!!!! First Saturday of the New Year

If anyone of you are like me I am kind off obsessed with having the ‘JLo Glow’ And there are tones of bronzers, highlighter, illuminizers on the beauty market. That will help you achieve that ‘JLo Glow’

My fav glow product I have tried so far is the Josie Maran Argan Illumizer. I do not have a full size of it, I just got a tester from Sephora and I love that stuff.

I have been seeing a few highlighters at the drugstore, I think highlighters might be a product at the drugstore. Because not a lot products have highlighters in their collections.

I recently saw that Revlon came out with a highlighting palette, they might have been the first ones to have started this trend. I am not to sure of that is entirely true. While I was roaming around in my second home (Target) I saw that Maybelline also had one —> Master Hi-Lite (Hi-Lighting Blush). This product retails for $8.99


Each light-boosting blush and bronzer palette has an expert balance of 4 shades + shimmer for a natural glow.

2 golden shimmers and 2 pinky shimmers

This compact  comes with a little brush as well as a mirror.

Which I think is kind of cute.

This collection is 6 different colours, only found 3 at my Target, I picked up the Nude 10. And that happens to be the lightest one out of the 6.


I am a sucker for this anything to do with highlighting so I wanted to give it a try.

I wore it today on the apples if my cheeks and I must say, I love the ‘glow’ it gave off on the apples of my cheeks or where the light would naturally hit.

*One thing I did not like was that it really did not have long lasting staying power*

They way I used it was by swirling my blush brush all over the compact to get all 4 colours on my brush. They say you can use the colours individually but I don’t see that happening. Unless, you use a fan brush.


As you can see on the swatches you can see some shimmer action happening. Its not crazy, but very shuttle 🙂

This is hi liter is worth a try if you are looking for something, that does not make you look like, you took a bath in some mud. Cause we all know that is not a nice look. LOL

Happy ‘JLo Glowing’




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