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Line Those Lips!!!

Hi lovelies, ♥

I hope you all are well 🙂 its almost the weekend.

What will you all be getting up to? Christmas shopping ? 11 more days till Christmas.

 Lets me get back to the topic on hand, and that is lip liners and to be to be honest I never used to use lip liners. I never saw a need for it. I kind of always like associated it with it being old fashioned.

But as of late I have seen the light, and I picked up a few from Ulta. Because I just had one and it was for a dark lipstick so I thought I could pick up some more. Plus I had a $5.00 off coupon if I spent $10.00.


♥Why one would wear a lip liner:♥

1. Makes your lipstick last a little longer

2. Also helps that your lipstick does not bleed

3. Also helps define your lips (as you get older you do lose some definition in your lips)

4. Helps make lips look fuller

So that’s just a few reason ladies wear lip liner.

There is a trend where ladies a black lip liners and use a different color of lipstick, that is a BIG NO NO NO.

♥Lip liners shown in picture♥

NYX – Nude Pink

NYX- 834 Prune

NYX – Hot Red


♥How to pick out a liner♥

You can either find one that matches your lipstick our you can get a neutral  if you where more lip-glosses then lipstick.

I suggest you just try it and see how you like it, if you have not yet picked up a lip liner yet. And the plus side are they are really inexpensive.


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